MKM Group of companies, under the management of Haji MKM.SAIT, HAJI MKM KABEER, & Haji MKM.BUHARI, having successful business varying from Jewellery, Transport, CHamber Bricks, Builders,Etc., The company's growth is further accelerated by new ideas & Hard work from S.Wajith Meeran,M.B.A., M.Syed Meeran, B.E., & S.Mohammed Imthiyas. B.B.A.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide customers with their deserved plots in quality environment , We will work hard to make your dreams come true.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Achieve customers full satisfaction and to be in the right place and that should also be placed by the customers .

Our Values

our dreams we believe and we create the homes that will allow peace, prosperity and happiness to naturally sleep In to your life.

Our Strength

To establish lasting relationships with clients based on the foundations of trust, integrity and transparency.

Our Recent Projects


MKM Banu Apartment

MKM Banu Apartment